It’s hard to be a hipster these days. Five years ago, you were still able to buy a vintage Bang & Olufsen record player on eBay and pretend it had always been in your living room. Well, okay, maybe it had disappeared for a couple of years, but that was simply because it broke down and it took you that long to find that one missing part. It’s not easy, you know, finding imaginary parts for a non-existent record player that broke down for no other reason than the fact that you were asserting all through the noughties that vinyl was dead and the only ones still in the possession of a record player were your mom and Red D.

Let’s get one thing straight though: this website is not (just) about hipsters, or their moms. It’s about music lovers and music loving geeks – people who grew up liking vinyl more than lollypops, traded in high school sweethearts for mint condition ‘70s porn soundtracks, and ended up conversing with smelly bearded old men for the rest of their lives. Granted, those people may sound like hipsters today but they tend to not have their jeans rolled up. So they are just smelly bearded old men – selling vinyl.

In all honesty, in the end, some of music loving geeks actually came out okay. A couple of them even got a girlfriend, and just recently there have been reports of a digger (which is how vinyl junkies call themselves) who got rid of his entire Fela Kuti collection to make way for a baby crib. True, it is not unlikely that he came to the conclusion that Fela Kuti pretty much made the same album over and over again, but let us not lose track of what some scientists consider a major anthropological breakthrough: vinyl diggers are capable of normal human interaction too.

At Red Bull Elektropedia, we applaud such evolutionary steps. Just like we have applauded the constant evolution of nightlife in Belgium for the past – yes, it’s already been that long – seven years. At the end of the day though, it is about one very simple thing: music. We love it, and so do you (or you would not have made it to the fourth paragraph of this page). It’s what makes us tick, smile, cry, jump, dance and, in some bizarre cases, do yoga. And it is what has transformed the lives – not to mention the houses and apartments – of pretty much everyone on this website.