An overview of today's best selling Belgian vinyl records


Every Monday we serve you a delicious menu of five fresh Belgian vinyl releases in our Vinyl Five selection. We were wondering which ones of these EP’s and LP’s sell like hot cakes and which ones don’t really work well in the stores. So we consulted Music Mania (Gent), Popcorn Music (Roeselare), Lost In Sound (Liege), Fatkat (Antwerp) and George And The Bear (Genk).

Melanie De Biasio is ‘incontournable’. Her new record ‘Lillies’ seems to be among the best sellers everywhere. Music Mania sold already more than 100 copies and also Fatkat and George and the Bear have Melanie in their top three best sellers of the moment. Fatkat wasn’t surprised: “Every Melanie record sold well, so I wasn’t expecting anything less here. The same goes for the latest albums by Amenra and Millionaire.” 

Popcorn Music in Roeselare is well known for dance music, with the ‘25 years of Bonzai’ box going strong, alongside recent pop and rock albums by Oscar & The Wolf (Infinity), Triggerfinger (Colossus) and Het Zesde Metaal (Calais). The reason for their success isn’t hard to find, says Popcorn Music: “These bands have a great following, are played often on the radio or featured in the press and tour intensely”.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Music Mania is selling a lot of the Stroom releases, since Stroom label boss Nosedrip is one of the staff members of the Ghent store. Next to Stroom they also see the latest JJ Funhouse by Milan W. and the Zazou, Bikaye & Cy 1 repress on Crammed Discs work pretty well. Music Mania has a solid suggestion system called ‘Mania Aanrader’, where they often focus on Belgian releases. Recent records by MIAVA, Nordmann and De beren gieren are examples of records they featured over the last weeks. “Customer trust our advice. Both in the shop and on our social media we share our tips, resulting in higher sales”, Music Mania explains.

Lost In Sound in Luik is a very strong point of sale for Walloon bands such as Wyatt E., The Experimental Tropic Blues Band and Duane Serah. The store just opened a few months ago and is strongly supporting their local scene. Labels like Jaune Orange, Sub Rosa or Lynch Law Records get an upfront position in the store.

The local aspect also plays at George and the Bear in Genk. Limburg based The Sore Losers are among their best sellers. Also Stuff’s latest album ‘Old Dreams New Planets’ reaches high stats. George and the Bear: “I’m pretty excited about both Stuff. and Melanie De Biasio selling so good. They aren’t making conventional pop music, so that’s quite remarkable.”

SPIT'N'SPLIT - Official Trailer (2017) The Experimental Tropic Blues Band Movie [HD] from Jérôme VDW on Vimeo.

Last but not least we asked every shop which records deserve better sales. Here comes some golden advice from seasoned record owners:

Music Mania: Mind Rays - Nerve Endings
"An amazing garage rock album that didn’t receive much attention, maybe because it was released on a UK label."

Popcorn Music: The Doll - Der Klinke
"A 10 inch record that was released on our very own Groovy Int. Records. It’s pretty niche but a oh so good."

Lost In Sound: Victoria + Jean
"The latest release by them is incredible, do check it out."

Fatkat: Brzzvll ‎– Waiho
"A record that got so many good reviews, but seems yet to be discovered. It’s a very funky record with an international sound. It deserves a spot in many people’s record collection."

George and the Bear: Jacle Bow ‎– What's All The Mumble About
"This one deserves a little push!"