Augmented reality on vinyl


What we like about vinyl records is the fact of it being an object with plenty of space for beautiful design. Our favorite vinyl records are often small pieces of art and therefor the design is an added value to the music on the record. The Amsterdam based band SOS goes one step further with the design for their debut album 'Necessary Explosion'. It is accompanied by an app on tablet or mobile to experience an augmented reality when the record spins on the turntable. 

The app was designed by Amsterdam creative agency Wieden + Kennedy. By aiming the camera of your device to the turntable while playing the SOS record, a beautiful augmented reality animation will be visible on the turntable. The app uses audio recognition to trigger 3D-sculptures to accompany individual songs. With this project Wieden + Kennedy wants to pair music with augmented reality to produce immersive experiences, in order to experiment with the way we listen to music and create ‘music you can see’.

Necessary Explosion iOS App from W+K_DPTNR on Vimeo.

By the even: even if you don't have the vinyl record, you can still use the app while playing the record on any other device. More info in the app store.