Belgian dubstep label goes vinyl

Share is a Belgian platform for Dubstep music. Originally created in 2012 by Pieter Grauwels, the online magazine today is a leading reference for dubstep worldwide. It has a 50000-strong community world wide, has a record label and hosts live events. To celebrate it's fifth birthday, the platform put together a 15-track compilation from which they released their 5 most favorite tracks on vinyl.

Founder Pieter believes dubstep is still alive and kicking, although it has disappeared from radio and mainstream media: "authentic dubstep is still big on an international scale. In Belgium just a few events survived though and we are the only label still going strong. But we aim for an international audience anyway."

Why still release a vinyl record in digital times? Pieter reacts: "when I started I had no affinity with vinyl records, but getting to know the history of dubstep and the dub scene it felt normal. Having a physical product to sell is also a big plus."

ARtroniks from Ghent and Requake from Brussels are the Belgian artists on this compilation, next to ENiGMA Dubz, Bukez Finezt, SubFiltronik and many more. Out October 2nd and for sale here. celebrates it's fifth anniversary with a vinyl compilation