#belgiumvinylsticker: 551x Thank You.


551 x Thank You! 

You were amazing! Here is the full database.

When we launched #belgiumvinylsticker on the first of March 2018, we did not know what to expect. Today we are completely flabbergasted. 551 unique vinyl stickers were sent to us and added to our database, not counting the several doubles we received. 

These stickers used to be the trademark of every shop and sticked to every record sold. They do not only make a great memory of a long lost time, they were often also very well designed and therefor make a stylish artefact of a record shop that ceased to exist but will never be forgotten.

A sticker was counted unique when it had a unique design. So one store could have several unique designed stickers. Take a look at Neirinckx in Ghent for example.

We counted 402 unique record stores among the stickers sent to us. Probably even more shops have seen the light of the day, it would feel presumptuous to claim we have collected every sticker out there. You are still very welcome to share stickers on social media through #belgiumvinylsticker or send them to us.

When browsing through the stickers you might have noticed that selling vinyl records hasn't always been the monopoly of record stores. Back in the days a wide variety of stores was selling black gold.

Among the stickers sent to us 88 shops were based in Antwerp, 43 in Gent and 27 in Brussels. The majority wasn't located in a big city though. Every small town or village used to have a record shop or at least a shop where records were sold.

Vinyl stickers are souvenirs of long forgotten shops. Their vintage designs and old-fashioned names can be studied as well preserved artefacts. Next to the numerous shops named after their owners, a few other terms turned up regularly:

  • House, maison or huis

  • Elpee

  • Phono or fono

  • Gramo

  • Hi-fi

  • Platen, records or disques

  • Stereo

  • Studio

But most common was the usage of the English words Disco or Music in the name of a record shop. 29 stickers were collected of shops with a name that starts with ‘Disco’.

34 shops had a name that starts with 'Music'.

Feel like browsing yourself? 

Coming up: favorite stickers selected by graphic designers and an interview with a few heavy #belgiuimvinylsticker enthusiasts.