#belgiumvinylsticker: 10 weirdest shop names


About a month ago we launched the #belgiumvinylsticker call. We asked you to help us collect all the Belgian recordshop vinyl stickers. The goal is to remember every record shop that ever existed in our country.

The result is amazing. So far we had 307 stickers sent to us. After taking out the doubles (and the Dutch stickers), here is every unique sticker collected so far.

We will share a few cool series. Here are the weirdest record shop names we found:


Bie Pie? B. P. ? Be Pee? 

What were they drinking in Paal?

Allo 'Cado Radio'!

And don't forget: Membre de Trentaine. Sounds amazing.

Nice business model: get your hair done and buy a few records. 

Spanish always works! Poco loco.

Fauna & flora as an inspiration. (Why not, Crevette Records)

I would like to order 3 cheese burgers, 2 medium fries, 1 new album of Absynthe Minded and give me the latest Soulwax as well.

Never hungry after a visit to this record shop.

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