'Brusseleir Digger' Exhibition


Weekend tip! Today & tomorrow you can visit the exhbition 'Brusseleir Digger' in Brussels. It shows an intimate portrait of the Brussels vinyl collectors and diggers scene. The exhibition highlights 10 Brussels based record collectors and diggers and their musical tastes. For each of them, a selection of photographs of their private collections and 10 of their favourite records are on display, immersing you into 10 unique musical worlds. 

The exhibition is free and part of Listen Festival Extra, the day-time event of the festival at the ING Art Center in Brussels. Also happening at the same venue: a record and gear/synth fair and an immersive installation of 'Radio Soulwax'.

The ‘Brusseleir Digger’ exhibition is the brainchild of Koen Galle, a passionate collector and dj (Kong) himself. He is the content manager of this website and works as an artistic director at Listen Festival. Photographs are by the hand of Thomas Sweertvaegher. Koen and Thomas met in 2013 and have been interviewing and photographing Belgian vinyl collectors ever since for our collectors series!