Brussels dj soFa compiles album for ICI


Brussels dj soFa has compiled an album for ICI, the label of French artist débruit. The tracklist of the album showcases musicians and producers such as Toulouse Low Trax, Bufiman and is promoted to admirers of disco, new wave, synth-pop and kraut.

We asked dj soFa about the origins of the compilation: "I had a few tracks from friends on tapes and in digital formats. It was all stuff that I played a lot and that I liked so much, so about one year ago I decided to ask for more track from artists I admire and make a double LP compilation. The result will be out on 500 copies and will be available at the release party at les Ateliers Claus on September 16. I'm very happy to do it on the label of Débruit, who has been living in Brussels for a while now. He started the label with 2 of his own albums, my compilation will be their third release."

1.CLAUDE DE TAPOL - C'est l'attaque
2.DER KUNDALINI - And We Begin
3.TOLOUSE LOW TRAX - Second Trip (Serial Experiment Edit)
4.SPONGEMAGNET - Cyborn (Velvet C Tape)
5.EKSTERN - Highway
8.DÉBRUIT - -5°C
9.T-WOC - Sunrays
10.PUMA & THE DOLPHIN - Fosils
11.BUFIMAN - Raising (Gordon Pohl Mix)
12.FRED UND LUNA - AV (June 23, 1938 - July 16, 2016)

Pre-order is up through the bandcamp of ICI. A release party will be held on September 16 in Atelier Claus.

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