Driecolore: Ayco Duyster


In this feature a record lover highlights his or her three favorite Belgian vinyl records. Ayco Duyster is a host at national radio station 'Radio 1'. With her soft beautiful voice she enlightens our daily afternoons. Ayco Duyster used to be the voice of Duyster, a weekly radioshow on Studio Brussel between 2000 and 2015.

1. Soulwax ‎– Much Against Everyone's Advice

Just before the start of the new millennium Soulwax released this Dave Sardy produced rock record with lots of stand-out tracks like Conversation Intercom, Saturday, When Logics Dies, Too Many DJ’s and My Cruel Joke (featuring Tracy Bonham). I grew up with a lot of the same reference records that they did and could really identify with this Soulwax album. On this version each song was printed as a separate 7” collected in a plastic folder. As I was already working in radio, I was lucky enough to receive a promo copy of this release.


2. Goose ‎– Synrise

A couple of members of Goose started out as an AC/DC cover band and evolved into a disco pop act by the time they participated in and won the Rock Rally (the biennial competition for new music organised by Humo). They honed their heavy dance sound on their debut full length and experimented more on this record. Even though this album wasn’t as critically acclaimed as their uncompromising debut I’m still a fan. I love the title track, which has become an unlikely dance classic. And as a vinyl lover I was very impressed by the cover art by the legendary British artist Storm Thorgerson (best known for his designs for Pink Floyd).


3. Stromae ‎– Racine Carrée

This is still one of the most fully accomplished Belgian records in my opinion. After developing his signature (sometimes shallow) 90s inspired dance beats on his debut, he experimented more with Caribbean and African sounds on this one. His themes are quite dark, but the music is very contagious. Whether it’s relationship issues, absent father figures, cancer or alienation from social networks, each time he manages to play with the words and imagery like very few have done before him. I’m in awe of his vision: the music, artwork, video’s and live shows were all so well executed. I hope he will overcome the dark period that followed the monstrous success of this album and finds a way to create more music.


Picture Ayco Duyster: Libelia De Splenter