Driecolore: David Poltrock


In this feature a record lover highlights his or her three favorite Belgian vinyl records. David Poltrock is in the midst of releasing his ‘Mutes, Moods & Machines’ trilogy, one part every 88 days. Tomorrow the second part 'Moods' sees the light of the day, adding more electronica and cinematic grandeur to the minimalistic piano sound of part one 'Mutes'. His sound references artists such as Ryuchi Sakamoto, Jòhann Jòhansson, Brian Eno or Jon Hopkins, for The Vinyl Frontier he highlights three Belgian favorites:

1. Die Verboten ‎– 2007


Poltrock: "I discovered this album by the enigmatic ‘Die Verboten’ only recently while doing some crate digging in a Ghent record store. The artwork had the ‘Deewee’ house style written all over it, was indeed a side project of Soulwax’ Dewaele brothers and turned out to be a real treat for Krautrock and 70’s synth music aficionados like me.

If you’re after high danceability, infectious grooves and tongue-in cheeck titles (‘Dafalgänger’! ‘Nacht Winkel’! ‘E40’!), look no further."

2. Paper Hats ‎– PH02


Poltrock: "A rather similar and even more obscure set of Krautrock grooves are to be found on this beautifully designed 2016 limited ‘PH02’-EP.

Paper Hats’ contagious drumming, raw analogue synths and pulsating basslines echo influences by the hypnotic beats of Can or NEU! while adding something distinctly original (and Belgian?) at the same time.

Hurry up, guys. It’s about time to bring on that first full album!!"

3. Das Pop - The Game


Poltrock: "And now for something completely different: Das Pop’s final – and probably best – album is one big promotional campaign for all that’s good about seventies pop music: excellent songwriting, clever arrangements, superb musicianship and a great sound.

I remember being totally blown away by the opening track ‘The Game’ back in 2011 but the album features plenty of timeless – and unfortunately underestimated - songs like ‘Flowers in the dirt’, ‘I, me, mine’ and ‘Gold’ displaying the Das Pop’s genuine affection for great seventies bands such as ELO, Fleetwood Mac, The Alan Parsons Project and ABBA. Truly great stuff."