Driecolore: Frank Vander linden


In this feature a record lover highlights his or her three favorite Belgian vinyl records. Frank Vander linden is a well known Flemish singer. He was one of the founders and the signer of the band 'De Mens', being responsible for Belpop hits such as 'Jeroen Brouwers', 'Ergens Onderweg' or 'Irene'. Nowadays he records and tours solo. His latest album 'Nachtwerk' was released earlier this year.

1. TC Matic - TC Matic

Frank: "Debut album from Arno's legendary no-funk band. The real vinyl treat is of course the record that came before, the double "White Rhythm"-EP, which is too rare to recommend it here. Both the EP and the album offer visceral, nervy European rock/funk beats, featuring Jean-Marie Aerts other-worldy guitar playing and Arno's blues-inspired shouted vocals and dadaist lyrics. Still sound incredibly powerful."


2. Django Reinhardt - Ses plus grands succès

Frank: "Belgium's legendary, trail-blazing jazz guitar player. No further recommendation needed. This is a cheap but good compilation, issued on the populist Music For Pleasure label (find their back catalogue in any thrift shop). In fact, any compilation that includes "Minor swing", "Manoir de mes rêves" et "Nuages" from the pre-World War II-years will do."


3. dEUS - In a bar, under the sea

Frank: "dEUS's most complete, impressingly varried-sounding album, with the chemistry between Tom Barman, Stef Kamil Carlens and Rudy Trouvé firmly in place. 'Roses' and 'Little arithmetics' are the obvious standouts, but the brooding 'Gimme the heat' and the short and punky 'Memories of a festival' work just as well."