Driecolore: Fred Nasen


In this new weekly feature a record lover highlights his or her three favourite Belgian vinyl records. Fred Nasen is a veteran Belgian dj. He hosts his Texture radioshows on Urgent.fm and The Word Radio and is a record collector pur sang. You can catch him often in Music Mania in Ghent digging for new favorites.  

1. Guaranteed Raw - Get A Load Of This (R&S Records)

Fred: One of my favourite releases on the label (and there are many). Also not that known to a lot of people. I used to play this one in Balmoral in the early hours. Produced by the R&S boss himself, Renaat Van De Papeliere. It still sounds very fresh today and when there's a good opportunity, I still play it in my radioshow. Someone should use it on a soundtrack for a big movie to give it a second life.

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2. 2 Belgen - In The Night (USA Import)

Fred: This is a band we should be all be proud of. The combination of Rembert Smet's voice and their sound was and still is very unique, you hear it right away. I would still love to see a documentary about them. Rembert passed away last year unfortunately. 

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3. Mappa Mundi: Trance Fusion (USA Import)

Fred: The third record was a more difficult one to chose. I was thinking about Lio, Ferre Grignard, Amnesia and Luc Van Acker but those tracks are pretty known already. So I chose this one (again on the USA Import label). Nikolai, who's behind the label and the former shop, brought it to my attention last year when we were discussing a new project (which we will launch early March). Good to know: this release from 1990 will be re-released very soon with a Hunee edit.

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