Driecolore: JTOTHEC


In this new feature a record lover highlights his or her three favorite Belgian vinyl records. JTOTHEC is a Belgian soul singer. He recently released 'Somebody Had To Make This Record', a record funkier than a mosquito's tweeter. 


"One of the first records that i bought from DJ Grazzhoppa was in 1999, called THE FORECAST, which had 4 songs on it. The song that struck me the most in perticular was called FunkySuperPsychadelikSqwratchin. It reminded me of the first time i saw him scratching at a party (which was also the first time in my life i ever saw somebody scratch), and it had the same effect on me: it blew my mind! His amazing technique and style of scratching is quite unique and extremely funky. When you hear the "Lights, camera, action!!" he starts to scratch, and it's like you hear a man with super powers on a turntable. A superhero, that's what he is. You can also tell by the title and the samples he uses: Grazzhoppa has a great sense of humor. Later on i can remember i saw him scratch with a sample, where you could hear a desperate woman saying "Henry…" i mean, who does that and gets away with it?!! DJ Grazzhoppa does. Green vinyl, to match the vibe, and extra instrumental on it, to scratch on. Grazz is the reason i started scratching in the first place, so thanks again for that man!!!!!!!"



"This cat. Jazz Neversleeps. He's not only an excellent DJ, but also a brilliant producer. It's hard to choose a record or a song that influenced me the most from him. If i didn't have to narrow it down to one record, i would choose his entire discography, because i love the variety in styles of music and the production of every record or song never disappoints me. It just sounds so fresh every time. Whether it's a house track, techno, or a juke song, Jazz Neversleeps is on it. I especially love the beattape he made on cassette for On-Point, called: "Lost and Found Sketches", which was up for free download at that time. Favourite track on that tape is called: "Natte Vinger". A different version of that song is also out on 7" vinyl, on On-Point Records. Jazz Neversleeps also made 3 mixtapes for Brussels based painter Alex Deforce to vibe on in his atelier, which is worth the play. Going from electronic to rock music. Even thinking and talking about his music got me hyped up again. Let's do a track together again soon, brother Jazz!"



"This is a record you can play from start to end, for two reasons: one reason is, that it's just a great record, with nothing but good songs on it. And interludes! I'm a big fan of interludes, if it fits in the story of the album. Second reason is that the entire album is a loop! Ok, that doesn't really work when you've got the vinyl, only for CD or digital album it does. But, it's a great concept and it was nicely done. The combination of style of music, lyrics and his unique poetical flow also distinguishes Brihang from other artists in the belgian music scene, and not just the “urban” music scene. I can't think of anyone else doing stuff like this. It's just honest contemporary music, about realness. Everything about this record just fits, it all makes sense. The sound, the vibe, the topics, the insights, the truth. It's like watching a good movie. Favorite tracks on the album are: "Ik wil alles, behalve", "Wieder", "Metro boulot dodo", "Kleine Dagen”, "Morsen" and… well, the entire album, hahaaa!!! Even the artwork is brilliant. I'm not surprised this album sold out rather quickly, and just got into re-press this week. With his "Zo Lang Mogelijk", Brihang made a belgian classic album, and that's something we belgians can all be proud of. I know i am."

Picture: Stephan Vercaemer (Gonzo Circus)