Driecolore: Marieke Hutsebaut (The Spectors)


In this new feature a record lover highlights his or her three favorite Belgian vinyl records. Marieke Hutsebaut is part of The Spectors. They recently released their new album Ooh Aah Aah. Check them out here: 

09.05 – De Casino, Sint-Niklaas // Support The Sheila Divine
10.05 – Het Depot, Leuven // Support The Sheila Divine
11.05 – De Kreun, Kortrijk // Support The Sheila Divine
12.05 – Muziekodroom, Hasselt // Support The Sheila Divine
16.05 – Afsnis, Gent
17.05 – Trix, Antwerpen
25.05 – De Klinker, Aarschot

1. Jacques Brel - N° 5


Marieke: "This is by far my favorite Belgian artist. I like all his music but chose this album in particular because it has my name on it. My dad named me after this song, luckily because otherwise my mom would have chosen a terrible Medieval sounding hippie name. Jacques Brel is the reason I got into French chanson."

2. Soulwax - Nite Versions

Marieke: "These guys probably have one of the best and biggest vinyl collections in Belgium, and probably even beyond. I’ve been in their studio a couple of years ago to participate in the soundtrack for the Felix Van Groeningen movie ‘Belgica’ (2016). It’s sick, any record you name and they have it. I chose Nite Versions because it’s a great album and we played the White Virgins in Belgica, as a parody to this album. Apart from that they are super friendly too and really make you feel welcome when you visit their studio."

3. TC Matic - TC Matic

Marieke: "My favorite song on this album is Oh La La La, this track has the best bassline in Belgium. My former bass teacher Mirko Banovic plays in Arno’s new band and taught me everything I needed to know about the instrument. Arno is from Ostend, a city at the Belgian sea side just half an hour away from Blankenberge, where I grew up. So there’s a connection. "