Driecolore: Mickey


In this new weekly feature a record lover highlights his or her three favourite Belgian vinyl records. Mickaël Bursztejn aka Dj Mickey is one of the founders of Kiosk Radio, a new online radio platform broadcasting from the beautiful Parc Royal in Brussels. 

1. Kiosk - Mona Call 

Mickey: This one is from one of the greatest Belgian artists of the previous century: Marc Moulin. I discovered this 7 inch recently, when I got involved in the Kiosk Radio project. I'm still trying to find a copy for a decent price :) 

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2. Black Blood - Chicano

Mickey: It feels amazing to hear this kind of production and suddenly discover that it has been done 40 years ago in your own city. One of the tracks actually mentions of the street I'm crossing every day and night.

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3. Zazou Bikaye - Guilty

Mickey: I love everything about this record. The album has been produced in Belgium and was released on one of the most emblematic labels of our country: Crammed discs. It's a delicious hybrid.. Still refreshing!

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