"It gives the music an extra dimension"


Maverick, formerly active as a member of AKS, just dropped his new single: 'Pull The Strings'. To mark this occasion he decided to cut the single on 20 unique records together with Dubplate. And one of those can be yours! Just fill in the form at the bottom, and we'll pick two winners (who we will contact personally!)

Why did you want to cut 'Pull The Strings' on vinyl?

MAV: To be able to finish 20 unique records, that’s a great feeling. It’s more of a symbolic thing. It gives the music an extra dimension, a personal touch. I guess all producers want to able to hold their own vinyl record in their hands at some point. That's why I linked up with Lester from dubplate.be

Every vinyl is handmade, is it a difficult proces to press a vinyl record?

LESTER: First of all, you got to get to know your cutting lathe. Lathes are like women; very unpredictable. We use a high-end diamond-cutting stylus to cut grooves in our blank vinyl records. This cutting stylus is mounted on a cutting head. The cutting head is fed with electric signals (audio source), which makes the cutting stylus move while it glides trough the PVC disc. The whole process is done in real time: A 10 minute track takes 10 minutes to cut. Once the grooves are cut, they can be played back on any regular turntable or even a jukebox.

MAV: Lester and me decided to keep the artwork simple. It had to have a connection with the artwork that was already out: something sober. I had a 'Mav' logo stamp made, we ordered recycled 10” record sleeves and some markers and that was it: hand cut, hand written (and signed), hand stamped vinyl records came out.

Can you tell us some more about dubplate? How did you and Lester got to know eachother?

MAV: Selah Sue and me have been working on music together for a long time. I used to make beats and she would sing on them. At that point we were mostly dj-ing, and the only way to play our own music, was if we had it on vinyl. We mostly did jungle and dub tracks together. Lester lived on my street and I knew he had a reggae sound system called Uphill Sound. The reggae community has a strong dubplate culture, and he used to cut all of his own dubs on vinyl. If I wanted to play my own music, I had to go see Lester. He could cut my tracks on vinyl. He actually cut the first collaboration I ever did with Selah Sue! I thought it would be awesome to come back to Lester after all these years, to cut the first Maverick featuring Selah Sue on vinyl. He’s straight up the best vinyl-cutter in Belgium, period.

Where can we order the vinyl?

MAV: It’s not even on sale. We just made 20 copies to hand out to the people I really love and respect (and a few to keep for ourselves of course). But since the video dropped, I get a lot of requests from people that would like a copy. Maybe I should link up with Lester again to cut a few more, so we can sell them. 

What are your plans for this summer?

MAV: I’ll probably be in the studio for most of the time, finishing new music and recording with some very interesting vocalists and musicians (most of them are waaaaay better then me, which is inspiring). I want to be able to put out new music on a regular basis now. Next to that I’ll be doing some dj-sets to test my new stuff. It’s always good to get in touch with an audience. Crowd response is the most honest way to find out if your music works. You instantly know when something hits and when something misses. Creating a live set is definitely on my mind. It would be great to move towards a live set in the future.

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