Knotwilg Records looking for alternative funding


Belgian label 'Knotwilg' is looking for alternative funding. In order to maintain a steady roster of unknown artists in small editions, the label started a public crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The goal is to raise 7500 euro. Knotwilg owner Johan explains:

"Hi, i'm Johan. Previously i runned the Toothpick and Kraak labels. Nowadays i'm doing basically the same with Knotwilg Records. In the past i financed most stuff on a personal level but seeing the "niche" of this experimental field i need some financial backbone to keep the label running in support of the artists which are seeking a wider audience."

The crowdfunding can be backed by simply giving money, but a few rewards are available as well. These rewards include old releases, test pressings and pre-orders for upcoming releases. 

Johan points out another reason why he seeks support: "Some of the projects also need extensive research and restoration of old audio material which turns out to be unreachable without any funding so.... A whole range of creative elements do benefit from this be it visual, or audio artists."

Crowdfunding is still a rather new and uncertain approach to running a label, where the fans of a label back up a project before it is finalized instead of buying the finished product. Belgian platform Sonicangel was one of the first to invest in this business model. The company started in 2009 but the last sign of life on their Facebook page dates back from 2013.