Music Mania launches dub vinyl label


Ghent based record shop Music Mania proves to be very active lately. After the Kuruki re-issue on their sublabel Mania Reprise about a month ago, they now launched a new sublabel called Mania Dub. Digging up old anthems from the depths of dub & roots history, the imprint is a collaboration between Music Mania shop owner Karel Van Audenaerde - dub runs through his veins - and the renown UK Indica Dubs label. We sat down with Indica label owner Sukh for some insights.

TVF: Mania Dub is a collaboration between Music Mania & Indica Dubs - your own label that has been bringing out dub tunes since 2010. What’s the story? How did you guys meet up & decided to work together?

It goes a while back, I knew about Music Mania shop for a few years. Over a period of time of Karel had been stocking my releases as well as other Dub labels at Music Mania. About half a year ago he decided he wanted to start a Dub label mainly focusing on re-issues of classic killer anthems, he contacted me to get involved in the project, and at the same time it was something I was looking to do! So we had a meeting and discussed the idea Karel had in mind and it interested me (as I love doing all things related to Dub!).

TVF: First releases will be featuring reissues of dub anthems: by ‘Alpha & Omega’ and ‘The Bush Chemists’ amongst others. Will reissues be the main focus of the label? 
We are mainly focusing on re-issues but we also have an outlook on new material too. We aim to release one release a month, we have several or more releases already planned and confirmed, some of which are re-issues, some of which are brand new material - not heard by any ears yet! We have a lot of surprises planned for everyone!
Another shared personal goal between Karel & myself is to get more Dub into physical shops. Nothing better to feel that fresh wax, right?

TVF: Reissueing gems from 30 years ago can be hard, for it has been a while. Can you tell us something about the proces? Do you approach artists directly? How do they respond?
First me and Karel decide on artist/tunes and then it's my task to approach the artists directly. Then I'll propose a list of potential songs and deals to the artists, and they will let me know what's possible for them, then we make a release agreement. It has been smooth so far as I have the advantage of having a good relationship with the artists in the Dub scene. They are happy to work together and for the interest we show in their music, and we feel honoured for their support!

TVF: In Belgium there’s clearly a renewed interest in sound system culture. How do you explain the latest revival of the dub scene?
The Dub scene in Belgium is relatively new in comparison to the UK, there is a couple of record labels that have been in the scene for a while, for example Lost Ark and Forward Fever. We aim to bring classic 80's and 90's UK Dub vibes, this will help the younger generation to learn more about where the Dub of today has evolved from, maintaining the integrity of the UK Dub scene, as well as making it more affordable to buy these vintage killer records. We are currently working on organising an event, but I dont' want to ruin the surprise now, stay tuned to Mania Dub for updates!

Almighty Dub by Disciples (MD001) will be released on May 25.

Preorder & more info here.

Foto: Karel Van Audenaerde (Music Mania) and Sukh (Indica Dubs)