New Belgian online recordshop 'Vinyl In A Box'


There is a new recordstore in Belgium! It's called 'Vinyl In A Box' and focusses purely on online record sales. In a world where online shopping has becoming as normal as taking your iPad to the toilet, it shouldn't surprise us that we finally also have a Belgian online record shop. Okay, Bilbo Records is also selling online. But they still run an offline oldschool record shop as well. Vinyl In A Box is not to be visited in the real world, everything happens on the world wide web. 

We reached out to Ward, the founder of Vinyl In A Box.

VF: Where did the idea to open an online record shop come from?

Ward: A couple of months ago I was looking for the new Amelie Lens & Farrago record on ARTS, but it appeared to be sold out on and Hardwax. On a French website is was in stock, but I couldn't find another record to combine my order with. In Belgium I couldn't really find a modern website doing this. So I figured that I had to do it myself, starting a small specialized webshop for electronic music. I've been buying music since I was 16 years old. I used to go often to Popcorn Music in Roeselare, where I spent an awful lot of money. Right now I'm 32 and own about 3000 records. I still dj a lot at home and make mixes with my records. I share a lot of music with friends and by starting this website I would like to share my favorite music with even more people.

VF: What musical genres will you offer?

Ward: Mostly electronic music. In the beginning the focus will be on techno music but I hope to expand my offer to house, disco and other genres of electronic music. I will also offer a great deal of soundtracks since I enjoy the epic style of soundtracks and their artwork. I'm starting with an offer of 250 titles. The selection is done by myself, ordering from distributors such as NEWS and CLONE.

VF: How do you want to make a difference in the world of online record shops?

Ward: First of all by offering cheap shipping costs. Belgian customer can order starting from 4 euro and the shipping is free for orders over 100 euro. Also foreign customers will get shipping reduction. Apart from that I will focus on an amazing selection, personal approach and perfect service after sale. The whole project is passion driven, I want to recreate the feeling of the nineties, where you enter a shop and the owner of the shop knows what kind of music you like.

Visit their website: