New premium Technics models announced


Panasonic's Technics turntables are still the leading standard for dj-turntables, but they also offer a range of products for audiophiles. The latest addition to their premium catalogue was unveiled at Panasonic’s CES 2018 press conference and is is continuing its drive to bring back its most important turntables, with the classic SP-10 and SL-1000 decks set to be given a high-end reboot. 

1. Technics SP-10R

Living up to the reputation of the original SP-10 – the world’s first direct drive turntable – this new model is powered by a coreless direct drive motor, with the rubber-dampened aluminium platter stabilised by a 10mmm brass weight, giving it a mass of 7.9kg.  

The price is estimated at $10000 and it also requires additional components – like the tonearm – to be purchased. 

2. Technics SL-1000R

The second turntable announced at CES 2018 is the SL-1000R, which adds a base and S-shaped tonearm for a more complete and recognisable turntable set-up. These components are expected to raise the price of the SL-1000R to around $20000. Yes, that's a lot of money for a turntable. But it looks amazing, doesn't it?

Source: The Vinyl Factory.