Discophilia Belgica: next-door-disco & local spacemusic (1975-1987)


Patrick, Raymond, Marianne, Roland, Kevin and Bert. These are among the most common and ordinary names in Belgium. Yet, these are also the names of some of the artists that appear of 'Discophilia Beligica', a 30-track compilation from groove-heavy record label SDBAN. No fancy alter-egos here. 

Compiled by cratediggers Loud E & The Wild, 'Discophilia Belgica' is a collection of next-door-disco and local spacemusic from Belgium 1975-1987. The tracks on this delightfully obscure collection are from ordinary folk with day jobs. Yet as musicians, they went as far out as possible in to the disco universe and back again. 

Discophilia Belgica comes in a beautiful 2LP in a gatefold sleeve.

A1. R. Roland - Ethero-Disco
A2. Carl Watson - King Kong
A3. Charles Vernon - Baby Won't You Turn Me On
A4. Love Dream - Sexy
B1. Fancy - Tropicana Beach
B2. Marianne - Queen To The Pharaoh
B3. Flame - Groovin' To The Music
B4. Steve - I'm Free

C1. C.C. Band - Be My Love Tonight
C2. Quartz - Cool & Get Up
C3. Dan Davis - Feel So Glad
C4. Kevin Morane - Ivre De Vie
C5. L2 - La Gomme
D1. Venus - Strange How You Move
D2. Bubble - Bubblegum
D3. Carl Candy and the Candy-Chicks - It's Magic

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