TOP 10: Belgium's most expensive vinyl releases


Ever wondered if your Belgian vinyl is worth anything? We’ve teamed up with Discogs to find out which Belgian vinyl releases could really pay for that trip to Hawaii. If you ever wanted to let them go ofcourse.

1. Waterloo - First Battle - €2000 (LP - 1970)

Released in 1970 on the Belgian branch from the French label Disques Vogue. First Battle is an LP from heavy prog rock band Waterloo. The band formed in 1969 at the legendary Jazz Bilzen Festival. First Battle was recorded in England under the supervision of producer David McKay, who also had produced Daydream by Wallace Collection. Until today it is a ‘hard to find’ classic, especially for fans of Hammond organs and psychedelic guitar solos. FYI: some dude is selling it on Discogs for €1.666, what a bargain!

2. P.I.G.Z. - Bloody Belgium - €1750,60 (12” - 1978)

Bloody Belgium was the first and only release from Kortrijk-based punk band P.I.G.Z.. This vinyl has been practically unavailable since it was released in 1978. It contains three very raw new wave inspired tracks. Only 800 copies were made, 50 of them on pink vinyl due to an error in the pressing plant. Can you guess which are the most valuable ones?

3. Irish Coffee - Irish Coffee - €1175 (LP – 1971)

Irish Coffee was the band of Belgian prog rock hero William Souffreau and Jean Van Der Schueren, both born near Aalst. 1000 copies of their self-titled debut album were pressed. It's single Masterpiece was a modest hit in Europe. The album was recorded in 4 days in de Reward Studio in Schelle. After a break up in the 80’s, the band got back together in de 90’s and even released a new album in 2015, called 'When The Owl Cries'.

4. Mustang - Born And Still Alive! - €1000 (LP - 1977)

The debut album by Kempen-based hard rock band Mustang also is a Belgian ‘hard to find’ classic. The album was released in 1977, during a special show in their favourite club Eglantierke in Wortel. The only 500 copies ever pressed could only be bought at live shows. They had a huge fan club who organized trips to shows in Holland and even made their own fan-magazine Het Mustangske. Born And Still Alive! was recorded in Heist-Op-Den-Berg and comes with a 4-page insert including interviews, lyrics and pictures of the band.

5. Cos - Postaeolian Train Robbery - €850 (LP - 1974)

Why are people paying lots of money for this Belgian progressive jazz funk album? Probably because A-list artists like Caribou and Action Bronson sampled the band in their own work. Cos was heavily influenced by the Canterbury Scene, a sibling to progressive rock, based in Canterbury. Plus, a very small Leuven-based label, made a very limited amount of copies, which makes the album very hard to find!

6. Kiosk - Mona Call - €800 (7”)

Kiosk was the project of Marc Moulin before he started Placebo. Mona Call is a 7” single with two groovy jazz songs on it. It was the theme of Marc Moulin’s radio show called Dimanche Musique. Incredible songs!

7. Blast - Hope/Damned Flame - €800 (7” - 1973)

Proto-punk from Brussels. Not much is known about this band, except that no more than 500 copies of this 7” were released in 1974, which makes them very hard to find.

8. Eric Feremans - The Antwerp Killer - €700 (LP - 1983) 

The Antwerp Killer is a Belgian horror movie directed by Luc Veldeman. He was only 16 when the movie was released in 1983. The press and audience hated the film, so Veldeman, who rented the video material under a false name, dumped all of the equipment in a canal. But still, the movies's soundtrack is awesome! It's composed by Eric Feremans, a pioneer who had his own school where students made their own synthesizers. The Antwerp Killer is pure cult and was re-issued bij Finders Keepers in 2015.

9. Babs Robert - Babs Robert & The Love Planet - €500 (LP - 1970)

Babs Robert was an active member of the Belgian jazz scene in the 60's, 70's and 80's. This is one of the most sought deep jazz records in Europe. The original line up had Babs Robert on saxophone, Paul Dubois on bass, Johnny Brouwers on piano) and Robby or Johnny Peter on drums. It was originally released by Alpha, a small label from Jette.

10. Delphine - La Fermeture Éclair - €500 - (7” - 1967)

Delphine Bury is a Belgian/French singer from Brussels, who released a couple of 7”-singles during her very short career. La Fermeture Éclair is a cover version of the English song In The Past by We The People.