Can heat damage my vinyl records?


It has been quite a hot summer already for Belgian standards and the weather forecast even predicts more plus 30 degrees Celcius temperatures for next week. If you haven’t got an air condition system, temperatures inside your house might rise and even during night time it feels hard to get the place cool down again. Should you be concerned about your precious vinyl collection in these conditions?

The answer is no.

If you keep your records out of the sunlight, you won’t get into trouble. Many sources (see below) confirm that the melting point of a record is much higher than the temperature that any room in your house will ever get. Even a small warp is highly unlikely.

But be sure to avoid these two things:

  1. Don’t leave your records out of the sleeve naked in the sun during a hot day. They will warp, you eventually will be able to roll them like a pancake.

  2. Don’t leave your records in your car in the sun. The temperature in a car can get very high and even without direct sunlight your records risk getting warped.

Sources vinyl melting temperature: