Warrecords: a unique store design


Open since April, Warrecords is the newest record shop in Antwerp. Located at the Sint-Katelijnevest, the store focuses on dance music, dj-gear, drinks and events. The interior of the shop is minimalistic and was designed by Studio Amber, a young creative studio. Head of the studio Amber Feijen discusses the interior design of the shop:

"Raw industrial materials simplify the interior - a nod to the raw underground music scene - and becomes transparant through the store. Combining industrial materials such as perforated steel, concrete and a raw brick wall.

Functional furniture that’s flexible and demountable within a given grid framework. In this concept Studio Amber focused on the square of a vinyl cover 30x30/12” - a square is one of the simplest geometric shapes, easy on the eye and conveys stability and honesty."

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